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Jarrod Carland

Jarrod Carland is an Australian creative director based in Melbourne and founder of Studio Jack, a boutique design studio that was established in 2008.What Can You Do About mla format essay Right Now. His diverse background and international experience enables him to effectively manage a variety of campaigns across a range of industries.


Jarrod is passionate about everything to do with the design.How To Start A Business With essay help Art, music, graphic design, food, coffee and good wine are all important to him. His aim is to work on projects he enjoys and is passionate about to ensure the best quality of life possible.

Heading a team of talented creative professionals,The Best Way To custom term paper writing Jarrod has overseen the design campaigns of many large-scale attractions that have been in Australia over recent years.

Prior to establishing his design company,How I Improved My essay helper In One Day Jarrod performed in a variety of musical theatre productions around the world , culminating in him crossing to the "other side" of the industry and working on Broadway in New York.


Jarrod Carland is the guy to see about artistic design and creative ventures of all kinds. His current project is Studio Jack, a leading Australian graphic design firm. Experiences in cross-channel campaigns, his brainchild creates digital content ranging from print design to animation to app design. Jack combines design and art to create stunning visuals.

Jarrod and his team can tackle any problem, large or small. The team loves a challenge and live for problem-solving. Whether it’s implementing cross-channel campaigns, rebranding or designing ground-breaking websites, Studio Jack’s experienced creative strategists can do it. They can tackle anything design thanks to his A-team of strategists, innovative designers and phenomenal UX developers.

Check out Jarrod’s biography to learn more about his background in musical theatre, worldwide career and his latest plans.

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With his design company, Jarrod always has a lot going on. He always finds it exciting to venture into different areas and explore the latest design and marketing strategies.Fast-Track Your buy assignment Life is certainly never boring!

For examples of Jarrod Carland’s work, look through the gallery of his projects and check out Studio Jack’s website.

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